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Rishav Pandey

A Freelancer Web Developer | Python Enthuasist | Tech Geek

Hello world, I'm CSE Major Undergraduate student currently pursuing my B. Tech from Arya College of Engineering and IT, Jaipur, Rajasthan. I like to Code, Writing Blogs, Reading and Learn.

I work with Python and C/C++ languages as my main stream language.Web Development as my second preference. Further Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be next. My OS preference is Linux Operating System and after that Windows for some GUI works.

I'm beginner in Open Source Community and also contributed my some communities on Github, which can be found on my Github account. I have completed several MOOC's on Coursera and edx and completion of several MOOC's are in Process.

I like to interact with new peoples and increase my social knowledge. I believe in "Learning with Failure". I like to encourage peoples and believe in sharing of Knowledge with others.

You can see/download my Resume here